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Strengthening access and benefit sharing among Canadian farmers

Despite the absence of national access and benefit sharing (ABS) laws in Canada, there is still an opportunity to strengthen ABS among the Canadian farming community. The international framework surrounding ABS is defined by agreements including the The International Treaty on Plant and Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)…
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Legal Measures for Protecting Traditional Knowledge (TK)

There’s an increasing recognition that traditional knowledge practices and expressions are not simply ancient, old and outdated. They also offer creative and novel ways of integrating knowledge into modern life. Protecting traditional knowledge is essential because of the limitations in our conventional intellectual property (IP) system that often allow institutions to unfairly exploit traditional knowledge.…
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Drawn out battle over genetic resources dampens Africa’s hopes

The global South is full of significant, diverse biological and genetic resources. It’s also home to most of the world’s indigenous communities. This is why developing countries are sensitive about protecting their genetic resources and traditional knowledge.Indigenous communities enjoy a close relationship with nature. Genetic resources are central to producing their traditional knowledge. This drives…
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