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Implications of the Clyde River Case for Indigenous Peoples

“True reconciliation is rarely, if ever, achieved in courtrooms.”   So writes the Supreme Court of Canada in its recently released decision in Clyde River (Hamlet) v Petroleum Geo-Services Inc. This case is being considered a victory for the residents of Clyde River – it was their appeal that brought the case before the Court…
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A Potential Breakthrough in Alzheimers Research from Nigeria: ABS Implications

As noted elsewhere on this blog, traditional knowledge is increasingly seen as a source of scientific innovation with commercial applications. A recent example of this phenomenon comes from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, where researchers suggest a plant extract from Nigeria may help combat Alzheimer’s disease.  The extract from the leaves, stem and roots…
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Enhancing Climate Research in the Arctic With Traditional Knowledge

The threat of climate change affects everyone, but the precise impact of global warming trends will vary across different regions. One example of the variable impact of climate change is the abnormal migration being observed in some animal species, which is dramatically changing regional ecosystems. Finnish geographer Tero Mustonen believes that Indigenous Arctic cultures are…
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