Monthly Archives: June 2020

A Parallel Pandemic: COVID-19 and a Discriminatory Global Health System

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the inequalities that exist in our health-care system, here in Canada and abroad.  In light of the current Black Lives Matter movement occurring around the world, the message being sent by the people is clear. There exists deep-rooted systemic racism in our world propagated through our institutions. Our existing global…
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COVID-19 and Haida Yah’Guudang: Respecting All Lives

“Like the forests, the roots of our people are intertwined such that thegreatest troubles cannot overcome us.”  - Constitution of the Haida Nation On Haida Gwaii, the legal tradition of Yah’Guudang goes back as long as the Haida have lived there, from time immemorial. Yah’Guudang means respect for the land and those living upon it,…
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Expedited COVID-19 R&D: Indigenous Knowledge and ABS Imperative

With the world on edge as the COVID-19 crisis progresses, the scientific community has sprung into gear in search of an effective treatment. Research and Development (R&D) is progressing at unprecedented speeds, abridging the projected length for the completion of a vaccine from over a decade to just over a year. Amidst this rapid development, traditional knowledge plays…
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