Monthly Archives: July 2016

Does the Nagoya Protocol support or hinder the growth of a global bioeconomy?

Biology based economy, referred to as bioeconomy is seen as the driver for the next frontier of innovation. It offers new insights and perspectives on problem solving and tackling challenges related to our future. Approximately 13% of global exports in 2014 composed of products in agriculture, forestry, food, bioenergy and biotechnology, amounting to a 10% increase…
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Can cultural appropriation inform our understanding of ABS?

The idea of borrowing, imitating and using aspects of indigenous culture has sparked plenty of debate. Dr. George Nicholas, a professor at Simon Fraser University, has created a guidebook to confront this issue and to help limit the impact of cultural appropriation. More importantly, Dr. Nicholas’s research on cultural appropriation can inform our understanding of…
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The relationship between the Nagoya Protocol and the Plant Treaty

  Access and benefit sharing (ABS) of plant genetic resources is governed by two international mechanisms. Currently, discussions continue about the implementation or possible further development of these existing mechanisms. In this blog post, we look at the connection between the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources on Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) and the Nagoya…
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