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Expedited COVID-19 R&D: Indigenous Knowledge and ABS Imperative

With the world on edge as the COVID-19 crisis progresses, the scientific community has sprung into gear in search of an effective treatment. Research and Development (R&D) is progressing at unprecedented speeds, abridging the projected length for the completion of a vaccine from over a decade to just over a year. Amidst this rapid development, traditional knowledge plays…
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Implications of Digital DNA on the Nagoya Protocol

“Biopiracy” refers to the phenomena whereby plants and animals are physically removed from Indigenous communities, without their knowledge or consent, in order to extract and manipulate genetic material from those plants or animals. This is typically done to commercialize some characteristic of the plant or animal that has marketable properties. For example, the anti-freeze proteins…
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A Potential Breakthrough in Alzheimers Research from Nigeria: ABS Implications

As noted elsewhere on this blog, traditional knowledge is increasingly seen as a source of scientific innovation with commercial applications. A recent example of this phenomenon comes from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, where researchers suggest a plant extract from Nigeria may help combat Alzheimer’s disease.  The extract from the leaves, stem and roots…
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