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How turmeric lattes signify the need to protect traditional knowledge on an international level

Turmeric lattes are gaining international popularity but they also symbolize the threat faced by traditional knowledge with commercial exploitation. The Guardian reported that cafes and restaurants from across Sydney to San Francisco have introduced the drink - a combination of milk and ground haldi (turmeric), to their menu. Google singled out turmeric latte as a…
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The importance of plant diversity in climate change adaptation: the unique role of ABS

Genetic resources offer a unique approach to climate change mitigation. In Canada, average temperatures over the last sixty years have increased by 1.5 degrees. As a whole, the climate has also become wetter based on trends indicating increased annual average precipitation.   This has impact on agriculture and food security. Plant genetic diversity can assist…
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Strengthening access and benefit sharing among Canadian farmers

Despite the absence of national access and benefit sharing (ABS) laws in Canada, there is still an opportunity to strengthen ABS among the Canadian farming community. The international framework surrounding ABS is defined by agreements including the The International Treaty on Plant and Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA), Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)…
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