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Nike Shoe Design Stolen from Guna Indigenous Women and Marketed as Puerto Rican

Just weeks before the new “Puerto Rican-themed” Nike Air Force 1 shoes were to be released, Nike cancelled the whole thing. The so-called Puerto Rican design was in fact an outright copy of a traditional mola design unique to the Guna, an Indigenous tribe from Guna Yala in Panama and from parts of Colombia. The Guna…
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Two-Spirit Identity and Indigenous Knowledge: Reflections on Indigenous History Month and Pride Month

Photo: "Reimagined Waterways" by Amanda Amour-Lynx, a Two-Spirit Mi’kmaq interdisciplinary artist, social worker, and educator. Her work can be found at June is both Indigenous History Month and Pride Month in Canada. The designation of a month to honour the history, heritage, diversity, and contributions of Indigenous Peoples, and to celebrate LGBTQ2S+ identities, is important for recognition,…
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Teff Flour Patent Controversy Settled: Dutchman Does Not Have Patent Right to the Ethiopian Food Staple

Teff is an Ethiopian ancient grain used to make injera, a spongy fermented flatbread that is a food staple of Ethiopian culture. In 2007, a Dutchman, Jans Roosjen, obtained two patents for teff flour. The Dutch District Court of The Hague recently invalidated those two patents in Ancientgrain BV v Bakels Senior NV, and Ethiopians are…
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