Monthly Archives: November 2017

Why the fuss about GM salmon? The impact of AquAdvantage on Indigenous Populations

GE Salmon, Mike Keefe, What is genetically modified (GM) salmon? Genetically modified salmon are salmon that have had their genetic material mixed with genes from a number of different species. The effect of this manipulation is to double their growth rate and to enable these salmon to grow year-round. The GM salmon was first…
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Traditional Knowledge in National Energy Board Consultation and Environmental Assessments

The Federal Government’s recent Discussion Paper on modernizing the National Energy Board (NEB) and incorporating Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (TK) into the Environmental Assessment process raises a number of important questions. Chief among these is how the federal Crown perceives its duty to consult Indigenous nations where their rights may be infringed. From a decision-making standpoint,…
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Intellectual Property Rights and Indigenous Traditional Knowledge: A WIPO Guide

The World Intellectual Property Organization recently published an introductory guide to intellectual property for Indigenous peoples and local communities. The full publication can be found here. This post briefly highlights key elements of the report, and points out areas where conventional, Western IP approaches remain inadequate to the task of protecting and preserving Indigenous traditional…
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